The Warner Bros. studio Batcave featuring vehicles from the Batman film series


Our Picture Car Vault has been transformed into the BATCAVE. Now, you can see all the incredible Batmobiles used in the celebrated film series like the TUMBLER, the BATHAMMER, the BAT-POD, and more.

  • Batman (1989)

  • The Batmobile from Batman and Batman Returns

    Originally built on the chassis of a Chevrolet Impala, the Batmobile seen in Batman and Batman Returns was designed by Anton Furst. Drawing inspiration from Salt Flat Racers and the Corvette Stingrays of the 50’s, the Batmobile was an aerodynamic expressionist piece of automobile art. A custom cowl had to be made for Michael Keaton, as the original ears were too long to fit in the cockpit!

  • Batman Forever (1995)

  • The Batmobile from Batman ForeverJoel Schumacher helmed the next two Batman films, with Tim Flattery designing the Batmobile for Batman Forever. Using a Chevrolet 350 ZZ3 high-performance motor, the Batmobile came to life with a brand new look and feel. It’s design is also inspired by bioluminescent sea creatures, as well as both Tim Burton and George Barris’ Batmobiles.
  • Batman & Robin (1997)

  • The Redbird motorcycle from the Batman & Robin film


    Robin’s motorcycle was developed from a Honda off-road motorcycle. Production Designer Barbara Ling enlisted the help of TFX to bring the Redbird to life. Though the prototype motorcycle boasts 95 horsepower, the original Redbird was a sport coupe!

  • The Batblade motorcycle from the Batman & Robin film


    As Batman and Robin head off to fight Mr. Freeze, we also see Batgirl on her very own Batblade! Developed from a drag racing bike, Production Desginer Barbara Ling added a neon Bat-logo to the front of the bike, maintaining the bright, comic book feel of the film.

  • The Bathammer snowmobile from Batman & Robin


    When Gotham City is frozen over, it’s time to call in your ice-handling backup- the Bathammer! With 3 meters of wingspan, the added stability to this Bat-inspired snowmobile lets the caped crusader fight crime even in the coldest of circumstances.

  • The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012)

  • A military-style Tumbler vehicle from The Dark Knight Trilogy 


    Designed by Nathan Crowley and Christopher Nolan, the Tumbler was a new take on the classic Batmobile. Meant to look like a hybrid of a Lamborghini and a tank, the Tumbler is the more realistic, militarized version of a real-life vigilante’s ride. The car even tested at over 100 mph!

  • The two-wheeled Batpod from The Dark Knight Trilogy


    “It’s a two-wheeled vehicle, but it’s definitely not a motorcycle.” –Christopher Nolan, Director. Believe it or not, Nolan and Production Designer Nathan Crowley conceived the Batpod in Nolan’s garage, and built the basic model themselves. Batman’s auxiliary vehicle when the Tumbler is destroyed is a mean machine. This bat-vehicle is steered more with the driver’s shoulders and arms, and has the actual engines built into the wheels!