Authentic props and costumes from Wonder Woman in DC Universe: The Exhibit

DC Universe: The Exhibit

Justice League Exhibit Now Open at DC Universe

Explore the authentic pieces of your favorite Super Hero

Get up close to your favorite Justice League characters including: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash. See the unique Mother Boxes that were used on the film set and designed to reflect the individual styles of the guardians that protected them. Exclusive to tour guests, this new exhibit pays homage to the origins of DC Comics with the original comic book issues of each character of the Justice League on display.

Along with the new exhibit, fans will also experience the popular Wonder Woman exhibit currently on display. Discover your inner Amazonian with authentic costumes and set design elements from the blockbuster hit of 2017, including the Princess of Themyscira’s Lasso of Hestia, armor, tiara, and the exquisite sword.