Authentic props and costumes from Wonder Woman in DC Universe: The Exhibit

DC Universe: The Exhibit

Authentic Superman costume in DC Universe: The Exhibit

DC Universe: The Exhibit is currently closed as we prepare for a new Justice League Exhibit, opening April 23, 2018. 

Channel your inner Amazonian from the blockbuster hit, Wonder Woman, the latest addition to DC Universe: The Exhibit.  The Wonder Woman exhibit provides fans the opportunity to fully immerse themselves with a variety of authentic costumes and set design elements from the film worn by Gal Gadot (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman), including her Lasso of Hestia, armor, tiara, and the exquisite sword. Props and costumes used and worn by Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), Danny Huston (General Ludendorff), Elena Anaya (Dr. Maru), Said Taghmaoui (Sameer), Ewen Bremner (Charlie), Eugene Brave Rock (The Chief),  Lucy Davis (Etta Candy) and David Thewlis (Sir Patrick) will be on display for visitors to enjoy as well. 

Guests will also get to see a recreation of the Amazon armory, the relic display with Diana’s sword, Dr. Maru’s Laboratory; and the ornate London department store set with original costumes and props from the sequence where Diana, Princess of Themyscira is transformed into Diana Prince.

DC Universe: The Exhibit is the only place where you can go behind-the-lens and take a photo with authentic BatmanTM, SupermanTM and Wonder WomanTM costumes.