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WB Studio History

History of Warner Bros. Studios

'The motion picture can be a great power for peace and goodwill...'
Harry Warner

‘I believe Warner Bros. will continue to be leaders of global entertainment by being incredibly perceptive and dedicated to creative and technical innovation.’
Cass Warner Sperling

Warner Bros. was born from a gamble. A gamble four ambitious brothers made with the world that audiences would gravitate to the ‘talkies’— motion pictures that synced speech with sound.

As with most landmark innovations, early attempts proved wildly unsuccessful. But on October 6th 1927, Warner Bros. released The Jazz Singer and changed entertainment forever.

The Brothers Warner—Albert, Sam, Jack and Harry—often risked everything they had for what they believed in.

It’s a trait that Cass Warner Sperling, Harry Warner’s granddaughter, feels is responsible for all success the studio has enjoyed since that historic premiere.

“They were pioneers. They were big risk takers and innovators and many times gambled everything on their goals and dreams.”

On Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, guests will journey up close and personal to the sets and soundstages where that pioneering spirit lives on. From Casablanca to The Music Man, Friends to ER, Ellen to Conan—guests will see what happens behind the camera of a working entertainment studio. 

“The tours focus on how production happens … and that will inspire people to not only understand what goes on in the making of a film, but to experiment themselves. Most people have no clue what is involved. But the tour can be a tool for people to learn and really express themselves.”

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