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Stage 48 Episode 3


Stage 48 Episode 2

Enjoy learning about production in episode 2 of our Stage 48 video series. Here at Stage 48, you can step onto the real Central Perk set from Friends that was used in all 10 years of production here at Warner Bros.


Stage 48 Episode 1

Watch episode 1 of our Stage 48 video series. Stage 48: Script to Screen is an interactive soundstage as part of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. Learn about our pre-production rooms and how you can experience pre-production on your studio tour. At Stage 48 you can see authentic movie costumes, animation and real audition tapes from your favorite actors.


Guess the Prop Episode 6
Guess the Prop Episode 5


Guess the Prop Episode 4
Guess the Prop Episode 3

What Warner Bros. TV Show is the desk prop from?


Guess the Prop Episode 2


Guess the Prop Episode 1

Welcome to Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood's Video Series Page. Enjoy Episode 1 of Guess the Prop.

Tune in weekly for new episodes of Guess the Prop and stay tuned for more video series to come.