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BAZINGA! The Sets Are Coming to The Tour

Posted in Exhibits on 06/3/2019

It all started with a Big BANG!

Take a seat in Sheldon’s spot and relive your favorite moments from apartment 4A.  Recreate Sheldon’s signature knock, stroll through the foyer to see the infamous broken elevator or visit the CalTech Physics Lab Cafeteria featuring original costumes from Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Bernadette and Amy.

Go behind the scenes and explore the intricate level of detail the show’s creators put into the design of these iconic sets from the show that made you laugh, cry, rethink scientific discoveries and want to order Siam Palace take-out.  The Big Bang Theory sets become a permanent experience as part of the Studio Tour’s finale at Stage 48: Script to Screen

New Experience Opens June 28th

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